One Week, Five Tweets: A Go-to Arsenal of Twitter Ideas

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Twitter is amazing. No really, it is. In my time on Twitter I’ve received job offers, chatted with my idols, met real humans, won competitions and secured clients. It’s a magnificent tool for business.

But it can be tough, right? Thinking of things to tweet is like trying to come up with a unique Mother’s Day present in the hour before you’re due at Mum’s for lunch with the family.


So, why not have a go-to arsenal of tweet ideas that you just cycle through each week? It’ll keep your feed full, poke you into action and make sure you’re mixing it up enough.

1. The brand tweet

Not trying to sell people anything. No agenda (OK, apart from massaging brand engagement and sentiment). Just personality.


  • Joy
  • Hashtag to place yourself in other conversations
  • A nice graphic would help

2. The content marketing tweet

This is where you get to look like you have knowledge to share. Because you do, don’t you? You know more about what you do than most of your followers – and plenty of them would like to know more.

If you’re blogging, creating infographics, publishing white papers or any other kind of content marketing, share them on Twitter once a week. It positions you as an expert, sends visitors to your website and it’s just nice to share helpful stuff.


  • Intriguing teaser
  • Link to content

3. The free stuff tweet

Innocent do this gloriously. They recently launched their new coconut water and they’re been tweeting about it a lot, getting people to tweet that they want some and then biking it over to their office to try. TOO GOOD.


  • Call to action
  • Hashtag to get people talking and checking you out
  • Link to more information if necessary

4. The product tweet

Another clever way Innocent have kept their product part of their social activity is to be really, really obvious. This comes across as honesty. Gasp!

Look – everyone knows you’re not tweeting because your brand is just that interesting and nice. You’re there for marketing purposes and it’s OK to acknowledge that sometimes. Anyone telling you to NEVER MENTION YOUR PRODUCT THIS IS SOCIAL OMG is wrong because it’s ridiculous to pretend it doesn’t exist when it’s the reason you’re even on Twitter.

Innocent 99 problems


Tesco also keep products front-and-centre. They tweet puns about what they sell along with an image. It gets me every time and I’ve actually bought things because of their tweets.

When you consider that a large portion of Twitter is bored 20-somethings with disposable income and no sense, it’s pretty easy to incite mindless money spending.


  • Product image
  • Amusing aside to forgive the blatant plug
  • Link to more information/product if your sales manager is on your back

5. The customer champion tweet

Take a few minutes each week to look for mentions of your brand or products on Twitter. Say thank you to people who are being nice and give them a retweet. Make sure you retweet them with the Quote this tweet option so you can add your own public response to the feedback.

They feel nice, you look great: everyone wins.

Elderbrook twitter


  • Personalised thank you
  • Quote of original tweet

I would encourage you to tweet more than five times a week (but I get that’s probably not your priority!) because what makes Twitter a great place is the conversations – it’s all about bouncing off other people and forming a real relationship.

But five will do for now. 🙂

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