When Is the Best Time to Tweet From My Business Twitter Account?

Tweriod homepage
Tweriod allows you to see when your followers are most active on Twitter

The question “what time of day is best to post messages on Twitter” is one lots of people ask once they’ve set up and account and have started to get to grips with the platform.

You can fire out tweets whenever you like, but sometimes it can seem like you are shouting from the rooftops and what you are saying is falling on deaf ears.

This can often cause people who are new to the social network to lose interest, as they begin to feel like all of these carefully-crafted snippets of prose are totally pointless and a waste of precious time.

Yes, it’s difficult when you have just started out and that followers count is a single digit. But once you’ve got a little bit of a fanbase you’ll begin to realise that this handful of people is crucial when it comes to spreading your important messages across Twitter.

So, to take a step on from there, wouldn’t it be nice to know exactly when your advocates are sat at their computer or poised with phone in hand ready for a bit of Twitter action? Well, there’s something out there that can tell you when those moments occur. Sort of.

A free tool available at www.tweriod.com allows you to uncover the times of the day when your followers are active on Twitter. So rather than a general “the busiest time of day on Twitter is between 10am-12noon”, this application actually delivers personalised statistics relevant to your specific account.

By visiting the site and granting it to access your profile, Tweriod allows you to take a peek at the peaks in activity undertaken by your followers during a typical day.

It works like this; Tweriod analyses the past 200 tweets from each of your followers to come up with a report for you. It can take between 1-2 hours to generate this (it’s often quicker), and it sends you a direct message when the results are ready.

It’s a pretty good report too, as it breaks the statistics down not only hourly but by weekday/weekend too.

Around lunchtime seems to be the most active time for @yellbusiness – what did you discover?