Five Interesting Facebook Adverts to Learn From

We’ve looked at how Facebook ads work and how much they cost on the site previously, and to follow this up I’ve picked out five interesting Facebook adverts that have caught my eye for one reason or another. The five were spotted by me down the right-hand side of the Facebook desktop layout, and were […]

Clear Out Your Twitter Profile With Twit Cleaner

Following lots of people on Twitter can often result in information overload. You start off slowly, but then follow more and more accounts for one reason or another. Before you know it, you’re tracking the tweets of hundreds of people. And remember, once you follow an account, you’re following it for good. The topic of […]

A Free Tool for Displaying Tweets on a Big Screen

If you’re staging an event or meeting and are thinking about how to make it really interactive, having a Twitter screen can be a nice talking point. People can tweet, say, using a certain hashtag, and when they do their words will appear on the big screen for all to see. To do this you’ll […]

Star Facebook Page of the Week… We Fix Alloys

Each week, we throw a spotlight on a top Facebook page that deserves a big thumbs up. Pages featured here are making the most of what Facebook has to offer and can be held up as examples to learn from if you are a business looking to get to grips with the social network. These […]

Put Together a Content Calendar for Your Business Facebook Page

If you’ve set up a Facebook page for your business and are raring to go, it can be tempting to just fire out loads of updates each day in the hope that something sticks. You then find that your increase in output has not attracted thousands of new fans, lose faith and suddenly a tumbleweed […]

Star Small Business Website User Experience 3

The next star small business website user experience is Chiswell Pools. This is another great example of a UK small business website which has really thought about its customers. The good user experience of the web site design comes together from a combination of different elements of the user experience working well. The visual design […]

Star Small Business Website User Experience

In addition to writing about website user experience, I will feature some examples of the best of UK small business websites here each month, to illustrate how the tips I’ve been giving about UX can come together for small businesses and with brilliant results. Berkshire Garden Buildings are a small business who sell garden sheds, […]

Understanding the Different Types of Social Media

Social media outlets that allow instant, public communication are one of the most high-profile forms of electronic marketing. Micro-blogging tools, blogs, networking sites, online communities, word-of-mouth, discussion forums and social bookmarking sites are all different types of social media. Micro-blogging Tools which enable you to publish short, sharp comments and links to websites and pictures […]

Be Social: Social Media for Small Businesses

When you are operating as a small business, often one thing you don’t have is the luxury of time. It’s a possibility you are too busy to be tapped into Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare or any others of the plethora of social media offerings out there that can help your business. However, it is always worth […]

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