Social Commerce and the Justuno Widget

In the last year or so, the Social Media Networks and e-commerce platforms have been pushed together to achieve the same aims for business. Selling more stuff!   Justuno is a Social Commerce tool that helps you to build your Social Network by offering coupons when someone has “Liked” your Facebook site, for example.

In the early days of Social Media, the idea was to build a fan base of say Facebook contacts first and then to try to sell something to them through your stand alone website. Then it became clear that you might as well try to sell to your Facebook fans while they were within the confines of the Facebook experience and so called F–commerce was born. On a more generalised basis, using a Social Media platform to sell products or services is called Social Commerce and for many businesses, there is really no distinction anymore.  You have to use Social Media to sell – and you use your e-commerce platform to increase your Social Media fan base.  The two are self supporting and you do both to increase sales.

Justuno is a widget that is designed to easily integrate with many of the commonly available e-commerce platforms like Big Commerce, Shopify , Zen Cart and others and presents shoppers with discounts on your goods and services in real time.  In exchange for a Facebook Like, a Tweet, Google +1 , or news letter subscription, the discount is made available.   Once redeemed, a coupon code is presented instantly, offering an incentive for your customer to visit your checkout and make a discounted purchase. As I said, the two actions are self supporting!

All being well, an e-commerce retailer should see an increase in fans, more happy customers and an increase in sales.

Because Justuno is integrated with your e-commerce platform, it is relatively easy to come up with a  promotion, say 5% off your shopping cart, or 10% off a particular item.  You simply set this up in advance and when your visitor takes the action you ask, say click a Facebook Like, then a virtual coupon code is generated that the visitor can spend in your shop.  This is a much neater way of encouraging Facebook sign-ups because you do not have to ship-out additional physical product, like badges or posters that are the typical rewards.  And in the case of Facebook, Justuno makes it easy to capture the nice comment obtained with the Facebook Like and post it to Facebook, thereby advertising your shop to all your Facebook fans.

As usual with this sort of thing, there is a free version that allows up to 50 actions (or likes for example) and then chargeable plans starting at $29/month for up to 1,000 actions. The standard Juno action button can be customised and with a little work with your web developer, can be integrated into your shopping site in very creative ways. For example, if you sell flowers, you can make  a flower shaped button etc.

The long and short of it is that the integration of Social Media with e-commerce is here to stay and those advertisers that embrace this will be those who continue to prosper.